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Designer Forged Wheels


In the late 1900s, Garth Reid grew up in London during a time where racing and automotive development took a leap in technology and popularity. From standing on the side of the road and watching the car meets to the races up and down the UK, on the tracks, it is no surprise that his two sons followed suit.

From the time they were born, the culture was almost woven into their DNA. Coming from two parents heavily invested in the industry, even in pushchairs, the sons were to be seen at almost every automotive event they could. From Motor-shows, to Track-days, to Car meets. When they were both old enough, eager to get into racing, like most racing drivers, they started out with karting where are they later moved on to larger and faster cars. In Karting they met Jakub Biskup (Middle).

They were very dynamic team all with a passion for speed and the Automotive world. Together they raced up and down the UK. Taye Reid and Jakub Biskup enjoyed working on their Karts to make them faster and better whilst admiring the inner workings and Syan Reid averted his focus more towards the ‘theory side’ of mechanics. During the development of their study, they were introduced to ‘Composites’ (Carbon fibre and others) by a mutual mentor, Mr Marlon Malcom. In this field they chose to advance and since then, applying it to Motorsports & Automotive Aesthetics.

A preliminary company was founded by the two which focused purely on the manufacture of composite parts which was very successful steppingstone in its own right.

Kirk O’Rourke, The Business savvy economist of the family, highlighted the potential of growth of the company and from that day forwards, a union was formed between Taye Levyne Reid and Kirk Daniel O’Rourke. With a common goal to take Levyne Daniel to the next level and execute a vision to blend the urban tuner culture and motorsport into the standard automotive market, the motivated team work day by day to make this happen.

Fast forwarding a few years, a family friend of The Reid’s, since childhood, The O’Rourke’s, linked up as usual and had a bit of a catch up.