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From a professional standpoint, the wet lay-up composite process allows you control over every single fibre in the weave and though this method is commonly overlooked, it is what allows us to produce artwork specifically down to the millimeter.


Carbon Fibre Design is the process of overlaying existing components with a single layer of real carbon fibre in order to give them a genuine carbon fibre appearance. When done proffessionally, it is impossible to differentiate a part surfaced with carbon fibre with one made from 100% carbon fibre.

The process can be used on a variety of components and materials ranging from the vehicle interior trim* (consoles, binnacles, dash features) and exterior parts (wing mirrors, skirts, diffusers, bonnets/hoods) but can also include furniture, architectural features, household objects and exhibition displays.


Whilst CFD is essentially done for cosmetic purposes, the carbon fibre will add a tough, durable finish to the original component. Typically the finished layer will add approximately 0.75mm to the part. It will also increase the strength and stiffness of the original part. To the right there will be a walkthrough of our process so you can see exactly what goes into our carbon and why our products are produced to the level that they are.



Carbon Fibre in itself is stunning. The carbon we lay over your parts is produced in the UK and is born from the blood of F1 Race cars. No matter which configuration you decide to go with ( Velos / Charde ) the surfaces are finished with a 3D Depth effect which looks absolutely incredible in every sort of lighting.


Carbon Fibre is used for all types of engineering due to its undeniable strength. more importantly the strength to weight ratio as it weighs next to nothing, especially when compared to its counterparts like Steel, Aluminium & Titanium. The Graphite matrix is that of a diamond.


The process we work with is wet lay so it relies on the parts you already own. the surface is then layered with real carbon fibre. In terms of compatibility it is simple, as long as the surface is bondable (Wood, Plastic or Metal) it can be layered. Leather Trim can be stripped in some cases for example door cards.


Carbon Fibre once processed is like any other painted surface. that means it can be finished like any other paint surface with a range of finishes to choose from. Matte, Satin, Gloss, even paint fades, gradients and Metal Flakes can be added via SDO. embedded into the Carbon we also have hybrid Carbon Available.